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time, so don't miss out!
It's going to be an all-nighter for me to get the Seven done in time. How many years have you heard me say that? But it's true, I've got sticky tires for both cars and the Europa is pretty much ready to go, but I need a few more bits for the Seven and I'm currently keeping the UPS people busy with 2nd day air deliveries. 
And don't forget, we have another event coming up before the track day that I encourage everyone to attend and that's the annual All British Car Meet in Palo Alto.  I've thrown in the towel on trying to obtain the coveted club participation award, which the GGLC used to walk away with every year until they started allowing those pesky Range Rover SUV's  to be counted as "cars"!  But hey, I still enjoy the meet every year because I get to see a lot of my favorite cars, and I have a great time chatting with everyone.  Personally, I'll be using the British meet as a sort of deadline to get the Seven ready.  Last year we had some goodies for people to munch on while they socialized and we're planning on having the same thing this year as well.  My mother will be baking some of her great zucchini bread again for the people who attend, so make sure you show up and make my mom feel good by eating a lot.  After all, how could you possibly turn down my mother???
Okay, that's it for me this month. Take note that we will be having our monthly meeting at the British Meet. It will be a highly abbreviated version, contrary to my usual rambling meetings.  See you at the British Meet!


Good news to all of you, this is the last time you are going to hear me nag all of you about the track day! But before I begin with that, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Trish and Allen Dubberly for the great time we all had at their fun run in August.  We all assembled at the De Anza College parking lot where we talked cars and gabbed a little, and then took off for a drive in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a good showing of M100 Elans on the trip.  I've always been interested in looking at cars as they negotiate corners and accelerate out.  I got a great opportunity to watch the M100's in action and they looked great!  Keep coming to these events guys! 
We ended the run at the Dubberly's and had several people arrive a bit later to join us for the BBQ.  If anyone has missed this in the past, it's your loss because Trish and Allen always go the whole nine yards and they provide quite a feast, all the way down the jumbo chocolate chip cookies!  My thanks go out to Trish and Allen, thanks for another great event!
So here it is, this is the last nag job I'll do about the track day. All I have to say is, I hope it works!  By the 
time you get this CR, we will have roughly three weeks until the track day.  I can't urge you enough to send in your entry forms and get your cars ready.  For anyone who has been considering it but hasn't committed to it yet, ask someone who went last year.  There were no dissatisfied customers and everyone walked away with a smile and a story to tell.  Thunderhill is a great track, it's safe and it's fun and your Lotus will love it! 
For the last two months we've published the wrong day for the dinner and I'd like to set the record straight on this right now.  The dinner will be on Thursday evening, September 28th, which is the night before the track day.  Time is running out, so please get those forms in!  Just as a little incentive to get going on it, I think I should point out that we have been plugging the event in the Bay Area Miata Association newsletter for the past three months and we have also extended the invitation to the local Alfa Romeo club as well. Everyone that went last year knows how much fun it is when you have a bunch of different cars out there. Well, I think we'll be seeing even more variety this