2010 Los Angeles Auto Show!

Date: November 17, 2010

Lotus Cars Launches New Esprit, Elite, Elan, Elise and Eterne at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show!

It was an event that had reporters and auto industry pundants standing 6 to 10 deep around the Lotus stand on Press Day at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Most of the audience members had seen or heard of the reports and photos from the Paris Auto Show and wanted to see first hand if the bold plans and cars introduced in Paris were true. Sharply at 2:15 pm Dany Bahar was introduced and he walked by 5 cloaked shapes on his way to the podium. You could cut the air with anticipation.

Bahar spoke of how the new Lotus would return to be carried the same breath has Porsche or Ferrari as it was in the 60s and 70s. Yet, he assured the crowd that the new Lotus would not forsake it's genetic lines and philosophy of performance through lightweight. Excited he introduced a video introduction of the new Esprit. Set to be released as a 2013 model Bahar shared how the next Esprit would extend the vision and mission of the original. With that Bahar invited Sharon Stone to pull back the cover and unveil the 2013 Esprit!

Next Bahar introduced the Elan video and explained how the Elan would be V6 powered with some 400 bhp. Bahar indroduced Willaim Baldwin to the stand to peel back the cover of the Norfolk yellow Elan.

The Elite was next. Front engine, powerful with a retractable hard top. Unveiled by rock icon and guitarist for KISS, Paul Stanley.

Bahar next introduced the 2015 Elise. The Elise to be powered by an in-line 4, likely supercharged, aluminum chassis with composite body panels. Aimed to be under 2400 lbs and low 4 seconds 0-60 times.

Before the final concept car was introduced Bahar brought out Bob Lutz. Lutz is now a consultant to Group Lotus and said a few words about the future of Lotus and the vision. Then with Bahar's introduction Lutz unveiled the Lotus Eterne, a four-door sport sedan designed to compete with Aston Rapide and the Porsche Panamera.

The press event concluded and we were able to explore other displays within the Lotus stand. Most interesting was a collection of helmets both original and replicas of drivers who have raced for Lotus. There were some very significant helmets present, Jochen Rindt, Senna, Mansell, Hill and Donnelly.

GGLC reporter, Rahul was able to interview Dany Bahar, head of design, Donato Coco and Wolf Zimmerman, head of Lotus Cars Engineering. You can read Rahul's report on the Chapman Report On-Line at: GGLC EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS

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