Lotus T125 Exos - Ultimate Track Day Car!

The Lotus T125 Exos
The Lotus Exos Experience
August 8, 2010

Something unexpected happened today at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Lotus quietly unveiled their newest creation, the Lotus T125 Exos. It is no doubt the "Ultimate Track Day Experience"!

If you're a red blooded Formula 1 fan, sports car enthusiast or motorhead of any sort, you've fantasized and dreamed about driving a Formula 1 car. You've dreamed diving into and powering out of La Source at Spa and flying up through Eau Rouge flat out! Now that dream can become a reality for 25 wanna-be Formula 1 drivers.

The Lotus T125 Exos
The Lotus T125 has been developed by Lotus Motorsport and will be built in Hethel. It is de-tuned F1 car in concept. The carbon fiber chassis, with pushrod suspension, F1 spec wings and powered by a 3.5L Cosworth GPV8 V8, the performance is sure to be nothing short of spectacular!

Weighing a mere 1430lbs and being propelled by 640BHP V8 will thrill the driver. But, yet the performance envelope is designed to be managed by a non-professional driver. The T125 Exos is a track day car and designed with real life operation in mind.

The Cosworth V8 is fitted with an alternator and starter motor. A support team is not needed, as the T125 can be started with a push of a button even in your garage. The Cosworth is designed to go 4500km (2800mi) between servicing. That's a lot of track miles and a lot of track days (10-12 track days, about 2 years worth).

The T125 Exos can be had in four classic Team Lotus liveries.

  • Empire Green - British Racing Green with a contrasting classic Lotus yellow stripe.
  • Imperial Red - Red, White & Gold harkens Team Lotus from the early 70s.
  • Iconic Black - Iconic Black & gold monogram livery recalls the great cars driven by Andretti, Fittipaldi & Senna.
  • Active Yellow - Yellow & Blue livery that Senna made famous.
  • Exos Concept - Deep Space Black, Atomic Blue & Spectrum Blue

    The Exos Experience
    Just as F1 drivers must prove themselves from week-to-week on Grand Prix tracks around the world, the Exos Experience by Lotus will be held at European circuits with first class facilities, like Paul Ricard in Southern France, and the Autodromo do Algarve, Portimao in Portugal.

    Exos owners will learn with racing veterans like Jarno Trulli, Mika Hakkinen and Johnny Mowlen. With 7 on-board cameras and on-board telemetry and data collection systems owners will receive coaching and instruction and master the car and the courses.

    The Exos Experience goes beyond the track to optimize the driver with an excercise, conditioning, strength building and nutritional regiment.

    25 Exos will be made, the first 10 cars to be delivered in Spring 2011. There are 5 races schedule throughout Europe in 2011. Now all you need to do is place your order and come up with the $1,000,000 price.

    Lotus T125 Exos Technical Specifications
    Vehicle Description Technical Specifications
    Engine Mid-mounted, Cosworth GPV8
  • 4-stoke reciprocating piston, normally aspirated
  • 8 cylinders in banked "V" configuration at a 90 degree angle
  • Cast aluminum alloy cylinder block and heads, forged aluminum pistons, steel crankshaft
  • 3,500cc displacement
  • 32 valves
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Ignition: 8 ignition coils each driving a single spark plug
  • Lubrication: Dry sump
  • ECU: Pectel SQ6
  • Power
  • 640 bhp @ 9,800 rpm,
  • 10,300 rpm redline with 10,800 push-to-pass.
  • Torque: 450 Nm @ 7600 rpm
  • Power to weight ratio 900 hp/ton
    Transmission Longitudinal layout, dog engagement. Sequential gear selection (R-1-N-2-3-4-5-6). Semi-automatic, paddle shift, pneumatic actuation, auto throttle blip/ignition cut.
    Clutch Triple plate, sintered clutch
    Suspension Double wishbone arrangement, spring actuated via push rod and rocker arrangement. Adjustable ride height and camber. Wishbones and pushrods fabricated from aerospace grade materials. Dampers 3-way adjustable. Front and rear anti-roll bars blade type adjustment. Thrid element on front suspension for high aero loads.
    Chassis Carbon composite, nomex core and aluminum core construction, auto clave cure. Carbon composite body panels, nomex core construction.
  • Length: 4910mm
  • Width: 1890mm
  • Height: 1011mm
  • Brakes Carbon ceramic, split front rear system, twin master cylinders with front/rear bias adjustment, front caliper single piece 6 pot opposing piston, rear caliper single piece 4 pot opposgin rear calipers.
    Wheels Front: 10 x 15
    Rear: 14 x 15
    Tires: Michelin
    Cooling Water cooling aluminum construction radiator left hand side only, oil cooling twin radiator cooling engine and gearbox oil right hand side.
    Fuel System FIA approved fuel cell, internal fuel pump, engine mounted pressure regulator, 55 liters, quick fill system, quick release connections to engine.
    Safety Systems
  • Fire system cockpit and engine bay nozzles, FIA approved system
  • Seat belts 4-point harness minimum, quick release quarter turn buckle
  • Headrest to comply with FIA regulations
  • Front rear crash structures designed and tested to FIA guidelines
  • Roll over hoop designed and tested to FIA guidelines.