Elan Rivals 
By Kiyoshi Hamai 

For years there have been to major combatants on the Lotus internet mailing list. These two chaps have argued about the abilities and attributes of the M100 Elan versus the original Elan. Representing the M100 camp has been Dallas Texas based Steve Brightman and representing the Type 26 Elan camp has been Southern California based Rod Bean. 

This friendly sparring has often been humorous, serious and interesting. There have been supporters of both who have joined in support of one or the other side. Even over cyberspace the two had become friendly rivals, but never had their paths crossed being some 1800 miles apart. Finally, in October 1997, by simple coincidence Rod's work brought him to the Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California) and simultaneously, Steve's job brought him to San Jose, California. I learned of their travels independently and decided that this opportunity could not go by without the two FINALLY meeting! Would it be a clash and end up in fists? Or would they go face to face throwing insults at each other? Orů There was certain danger in my plan to bring them together. I knew I couldn't do it alone!!! So, I arranged for reinforcements, other Lotus Listers and members of the Golden Gate Lotus Club were invited and joined me in what would be a night to rememberů but pleasant memories??? 

So, here are some photos from that fun evening! These photos tell the story, there's too many smiles in them to even suggest that this rivalry is anything but friendly and in good fun!

At first the fist began to fly!!! But, are those smiles or are these two combatants gritting their teeth for the ensuing battle?
When a winner couldn't be decided with fists... They resorted to dueling bumper stickers!!!
What rivalry??? Looks like long lost buds!!!