Fitting Esprit S4 Wheels On Pre-88 Esprits

Revision to headlamp main beam relay on non-USA cars

REASON: EEC lighting regulations.

ACTION: On '88 M.Y. onwards non-USA Esprit models, the outboard headlamps are fitted w/ twin filament (dip/main beam) bulbs. On cars built prior to Dec 90, all four headlamps are used for main beam. however, in order to comply w/ EEC directive no. 84/8/EEC, w/c limits the lighting output on main beam, it has been necessary to change the double contact main relay (A082M6182F) for a single contact relay (A089M6058f) so that only the inboard headlamps light on main beam. Cars have been built to this later spec. since Dec 90. Owners of later spec. cars within EEC countries should be advised that substitution of the single contact relay for double contact relay A082M6182F, may result in lighting regulations being contravened.

Bulletin 11.04.9 1