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September 1998


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Lotus Calendar


7 Portland All British Field meet

12 Scott Fisherís annual DBTBM (Day Before The British Meet) tour

13 Palo Alto All British Car Meet and GGLC meeting

25-28 LOG (Lotus Owners Gathering) Atlanta



2-4 Club Drive to Reno sponsored by John Ridley

25 FIA Sports Car Championships at Laguna Seca



6 The Toy Rallye - presented by the GGLC & Fremont Touring Club

12 GGLC Holiday party sponsored by John Ridley and Marjorie Ė Mill Valley



September Meeting

September 13, 1998

Palo Alto, CA

The September meeting will be held in conjunction with the All British Car Meet in Palo Alto.



All British Car Meet

Palo Alto

Sunday, September 13


This is our annual BIG event and we are expecting the largest turnout ever for the ABCM. Normally we see anywhere between 40-60 Lotuses in Palo Alto, but this time I think weíll have over 80 cars. The 50th anniversary has motivated a lot of people to finally get off their butts and put their cars back on the road.

Darenís put a lot of thought into the event and is organizing a hospitality lounge on the field for us to use for the day. Weíll have shelter from the sun, cool drinks, Lotus videos running continuously, and special surprises that youíll have to show up for to appreciate.

As usual, the GGLC will meet in advance in the Stanford Shopping Center parking lot across the street from the event at 9AM. Weíll fire up and drive across El Camino around 9:30 to arrive at the event in one big noisey, smokey parade thatís sure to turn many heads.

Iím not sure what our official record is, but weíve won the club participation award for most of the last 10Ė15 years and donít want to falter now.

So, everyone show up (you too, Steve!), bring at least one of your Lotuses, and letís get Daren his well deserved silver plate.



  1. Take 101 to Embarcadero Rd west in Palo Alto.
  2. Turn Right on El Camino
  3. Go under the Underpass, get in the right lane, and turn left into the Stanford parking lot or right into the ABCM.


The Day Before the British Car Meet

Saturday, September 12

See the presidentís column on the next page of details.


Reno Trip

October 2-4

Our Social Director, John Ridley, is planning a marvelous trip to Reno in October. Weíll leave the Bay Area on Friday and head to Reno for gambling, a show, and lots of Lounging. Saturday weíll head for South Shore for more official club partying and who-knows-what.

John is busy planning the details and heíd like to get a list of interested Lotusers. No commitment is necessary yet, but if you think you may go, give John a call and let him know. (415) 456-5242


The Prez

For those of you who couldn't attend the Dubberley Drive/meeting last month, here's what you missed; Seven cars on the drive, including the very pretty Type 14 Elite of Ira Zalesin, the Elans of Joel Lipkin, Mel Boss & the Nesters, our hosts in their late-model Elite, the President & first lady in the paw-print Europa, and Victor in his 308 Ferrari.

Allen & Trisha had really done their homework, providing each of us with textual directions (down to the tenth of a mile), as well as a map with our route highlighted. The roads turned out to be not only beautiful, but relatively traffic-free (of both bikes and cars), and so we were able to caravan as a group. Up to a point.

I'm still not quite sure what happened as I thought we last three cars (Mel Boss, Joel Lipkin, Nancy & I) were keeping a pretty good clip, but it was suddenly apparent we were on our own. Thanks to our maps however we were able to figure out for the most part where we were and continue on at a good pace. Until Mel lost his brakes.

As Nancy and I waited on the inside shoulder of a corner for Mel, Mel slowly coasted by and yelled that he had no brakes. Fully expecting to hear the sound of fiberglass crashing into the trees, I was very relieved to round the corner and see Mel and his Elan safely on the side of the road. Unfortunately this was not to be a roadside repair, as he would later find the fitting had *blown* off of a braided rear line. As we determined from the maps to be fairly close to the Dubberley's, Mel placed his faith in engine braking and carefully drove his brakeless Elan the remaining few miles.

We reached the Dubberley's without incident, and were welcomed in by what turned out to be quite a large group who'd shown up for the BBQ & meeting. I didn't get an actual count but it looked to be the best attendance I'd seen all year.

Once we'd dusted off and cooled down it was hats off to our hosts again, who treated us to a wonderful BBQ as we enjoyed a view of the Bay Area from their deck. We eventually got around to having a meeting and patching Mel's car so he could limp home, but I'll let others tell those stories.

So most of you will be happy when you realize this is the last time I can plug the Brit car events the weekend of Sept 12 & 13.

First on Saturday, Sept 12 there's the 7th Annual Day Before the British Day Tour. If you have net access & haven't already checked it out, take a gander at If you don't have net access and would like to attend this low-key, informal backroads tour thru the Santa Cruz mountains to the coast & back, then here's what you need to know:


Saturday, Sept. 12, 1998 (traditionally the Saturday after Labor Day) Palo Alto Elks Club Lodge Parking Lot

El Camino Real near Arastradero

Palo Alto, California

"Socializing time" 9:00 -- 9:30 AM

Departure time 9:30 AM


Tour route will include the now traditional set of stops:

-through Portola Valley, up Highway 84 to San Gregorio General Store (84 and Stage Road)

-over Stage Road to Pescadero, stop at Norm's for picnic supplies (Stage Road in Pescadero) -down hwy 1 to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse for picnic lunch overlooking the ocean

-down hwy 1 to Bonny Doon Road, Left to Bonny Doon Winery (Bonny Doon Roadat Pine Flat)

-from Bonny Doon to Empire Grade, down to Hallcrest Vineyard (Empire GradeRoad near Hwy 9)

-from Hallcrest to Hwy 9, thence to The White Cockade by approx 4 PM for beers and early dinner (shepherd's pie, fish and chips, etc.)


And then Sunday, September 13th, 20th Annual Palo Alto All British meet. $20/car, gates open @ 9:00am, El Camino Park, directly across from Stanford shopping Center in Palo Alto. 700 + cars expected.

And as anyone who's every been President can attest, I want The Plate, and I don't plan on fudging the numbers, so get your cars ready. (For those who aren't familiar with The Plate, it is the club participation award to whomever brings the most cars).

Seriously, the GGLC is planning to have a tent set up in our parking area (read: SHADE) with refreshments, places to rest your weary feet and membership/newsletter/events calendar info, so even if you don't drive your Lotus, stop by, say hi & check out the cars.


See you in Palo Alto

Daren Stone

1998 President, GGLC


The Impossible!

By Scott Hogben

On Tuesday night, August 25 1998, unbeknownst to the Lotus fraternity, a major automotive accomplishment was made- my Seven ran!!!! Yes, you read it here first in the Chapman Report, my Seven now runs. Even though the car isnít ready to drive, I took my brotherís suggestion to get the car started long enough in advance of the British Meet just in case I encountered some problems with the engine. Surprisingly, it wasnít hard to start at all. Since that Tuesday night Iíve run the engine more and tweaked things here and there to try to make it run a little better. Iíve done the best job I can with the limited number of jets I have at my disposal but I canít help but complain about those Weber carburetors. Lots of people will swear up and down that they are the best but you canít convince me. It would be my dream to have fuel injection instead of those carbs but thatíll have to be a project for way down the road.

Now that I know it runs, itís on to the rest of the car. Iím doing the things that I completely forgot need to be done, like securing the wiring harness and the brake lines and things like that. Those are the things that end up taking more time than you think, but just hearing the car run has given me even more incentive to work longer hours in each day to get it done. And, just to show you that I have my priorities perfectly in line, Iím taking a few days off work to try to finish the car!

With all the modern cars having 15" wheels (or larger), itís been difficult to find a soft and sticky tire in a 13" diameter with a 70 series profile. In fact, itís been impossible to find tires in this size. So, with "time" being the operative word, Iím going to throw some real "cheapies" on and just have fun sliding around until I find some wheels I like and some sticky tires to go on them. Itíll give me time to sort the car out too.

Itís really coming down to the wire now and Iíve learned not to jinx myself, so I wonít tell you that itíll be at the British Meet for sure, and Iím not saying that it wonít be there either. If itís there, it wonít be pretty to look at, but since when should it be a requirement that your car be a concourse winner to go to the British Meet? That, by the way, is a hint to all of you out there that are thinking you would like to take your car but arenít sure because you donít want to "look bad" next to the guy with the newly completed big-money restoration. Just get it down there and have a good time. See you at the British Meet!



The Editor

Another short column and truncated CR this month Ďcuz Iím late to leave for Burning Man and I gotta get this out B4 I go. See you all at the ABCM in Palo Alto.




For sale, 1978 Lotus Esprit S2, 29K miles, Yellow, very original condition. Alpine stereo. $13,500 tel (408) 427-2676. If no answer leave message. email


1972 Lotus Elan (Sprint) convertible engine, top and bottom has been recently rebuilt; new clutch, shocks, etc. body is in good condition I am asking $14,500 James Nelsen 818-790-4625



1973 Merc Capri V6. White/Black. Good-looking. Many performance options: Bilstein shocks, nylon bushings, 1-inch front swaybar, custom Hurst-shifter,

dual-exhaust and headers. High mileage, excellent, stock motor uses no oil - 140 dynoed HP at 5000 rpm. Recent brakes and valve job. No smog inspection required (in CA.), but runs quite clean. Cheap/reliable transportation or possible autocrosser. Advertised at $2950 - $2500 to GGLCers/friends. Mel (925) 831-8834.



Full set of trim rings and hub caps for Europa/Elan, fresh chrome Ė $200, John (650) 368-9105


l967 Elan Coupe. White with black vinyl roof, Alfa 5 speed, non original rear tail lamps, KO alloy rims, Webber head, very clean inside and out. Asking $8600.00 Please contact: Jim Bove at (5l0) 792-7359.



1977 Eclat, properly maintained, excellent condition 49K miles, engine with forged internals, Delorttos, 5-speed, Doug Bank (916) 771-4717 or


1970 Europa S2, #0081R, not running, but mostly original, $3,000, Call Mike (408) 725-8893


For Sale: Europa Parts full set of Spax shocks w/adjustable perches, incl. springs for Europa Ė $150; adjustable lower links, w/heim joints, excellent cond. Ė $125; 7x13 Monocoque and 8x13 Revolution wheels, Brake booster, steering rack.

John (650) 368-9105


For sale: Esprit S2 Parts Complete front and rear brakes, radiator fans and shroud, John (650) 368-9105


1966 Lotus Elan S2 Roadster. Serial number 26/5611 - Engine LB 5625. Purchased from 3rd owner in 1979 (62,000 original miles). Car originally imported into Vancouver BC. Dismantled for chassis up body off conversion to racecar. All pieces inspected, rebuilt or replaced. Chassis gusseted and strengthened. Raced in 1982 to 1996 ICSCC, SCCA, HMSA and CSRG. Car has ICSCC and SCCA Vintage Logbook. Won the 1982 to 1987 ICSCC C Production Championship in the Pacific Northwest. Car kept basically stock and can be converted to street legal car with work. Asking US $12,000 for complete car and single axle trailer ready to race.(510/943-6194)


1957 Lotus Eleven (Westfield) Factory built, under 5,000 miles, 1275 BMC engine, Weber Carbs, wire wheels, head fairing, car has yellow exterior with black leather interior, registered as 1966 Lotus. $25,000 415-868-2940



1968 Lotus Elan S4SE Coupe. Good original condition, 74K miles$9900. U.S. DOLLARS. or call (818) 609-2144.


1962 Lotus Super 7 1500 Cosworth SB1520 1500 pushrod motor, dual Weber, A-6 cam, twin-cam rods & crank, steel caps, wet sump (baffled), oil cooler, lightened flywheel, balanced, easy 7500 rpm. Truck bed load of other spare bits And I'll throw in a single axle trailer so you can take it home with you. $18,500. Phone 816-444-6589 Car is in Kansas City, Missouri


Car wanted Elan S 3 or S 4 (drop head preferred), but will consider coupe. Car to be in good mechanical condition, including water pump, free from chassis rust and/or damage. No major body damage. Paint, interior, cosmetics not that important. Finn Jorgensen 111 Allen court, Moraga, CA 94556. tel: 925-376-4361. Fax: 925-376-2530



1963 Lotus Super Seven, S2, 1500 Cosworth, Dual Weber 40 DCOE, Aeroquip lines 5 Minilites, Spax adjustable, roll bar, full weather equipment Brooklands windshield, BRG/yellow nose/red interior, origial paperwork, registration, and manuals 12,163 mi, restored 1996/97, no expense spared!, second owner, video available. $26,500 (US), partial trades considered GordLeech, Canada (204) 256-3016


Lotus Elan sunroof coupe serial number 36/0028J, never registered-still on MSO, driven only 5800 miles, white/black, original and complete, all books, records, window sticker. This is the last Elan received from the Lotus importer by a dealer in Waterloo, and is still in their possession.

Pat lind W 319-354-2550, H 319-351-8033


1963 Mini MK 1, red w/ white roof (Cooper race colors) Very good body, paint a little tired. New interior (seats). 1380cc, 110hp Vizard engine, Jack Knight Torsen LTD-slip trans. Heim-jointed full race suspension w/adjustable Spax, new Yoko 008's. Much more. Built as an autocrosser, but never used as such. Over $13k invested, best offer.

Jack--- 409-321-0022


1965 Mk1 Lotus Cortina. It is in pristine

condition. It has a fresh, 196+HP twin cam (stock stroke, original L block and head), straight cut gearbox, LSD, and is VERY FAST. It won the USRRC Seniors Tour Western Championship for under 2.0 liter GT cars in 1994, 1995, and 1996, and has won its class in numerous races. It has turned 2:01's at Sears. It took 3rd's in the race car classes at the 1993 Lafayette Concours, and the 1993 Hillsborough Concours. It took 2nd in race cars at the 1994 Lotus Convention (Portland) Concours. This car has been accepted and raced with CSRG, VARA, SOVREN, RMVR, and SCCA.Will consider offers in the $40's. Myles Kitchen at



For Sale: Caterham Super 7. Aluminum with red nose, clamshells and rear fenders. Long cockpit, live a xle, right hand drive, crossflow with webers. '89 production vin #KLCO654R professionally completed in 94. Full new style top and doors and wind "wings", Caterham manual & heater. Bone stock with less than 1000 miles form new - not raced/modified. Texas tagged, titled and inspected. Reluctantly must sell $20,000 photos by serious request, Mark 512-371-0288 or



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