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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club           www.gglotus.org  August 2000
Just 42 days till WCLM 2000 !
until about two years ago when I almost bought
>   an Esprit S1.  Last year I (finally!) got an Esprit S2.  Since then I
>   have devoted a good part of my life to following Lotus and catching
>   up on its history.  I am a member of Lotus Ltd (the primarily East
>   Coast club), Lotus/West (the LA area club) and Club Lotus (one of the
>   oldest British clubs).  I am in frequent communications with people
>   at the US subsidiary of Lotus, Lotus Cars USA.  I have somewhat
>   tenuous contacts at the F1 racing team.  I have contacts who could
>   probably help with most any aspect of Lotuses.
>   Right now I own a 1978 Esprit S2 and a 1969 Europa S2 (basketcase).
>   I hope we all get enjoyment out of this mailing list.
>   alan perry
>   ------------------------------------------------
>First recorded post by someone other than Alan was Mike Galos a week
>later, followed after an
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As of July 27th, the lotus list (now lotus-cars@lists.best.com) is 10 years old. Listmember Mike Causer chronicles a few of the milestones from its first decade.
mailing list is sent up as a reflected mail type,
>   that is, you send mail to the mailing list and that mail is
>   automatically sent to the people on the list.  If this ends up being
>   a problem, I will change it over to a digest-type mailing list.
>   In order to send mail to the mailing list, just mail to:
>      lotus-cars@esprit.cts.com (or esprit.UUCP)
>   This forum is intended to discuss any aspect of Lotus cars, racing or
>   road, though I suspect the concentration will be on the road cars.
>   If you have any complaints, comments, suggestions about the way I am
>   administrating this mailing list, send mail to
>   lotus-request@esprit.cts.com.
>   Just to let you know a little about me, I have been interested in
>   Lotuses since just before I graduated from college (about 5 years).
>   I worshipped from afar 
Yes, it's the list's 10th birthday today!
>The original announcement was:
>   Date: 27 Jul 90 08:52:04 PDT (Fri) From: allan@esprit.cts.com (Alan F.
>   Thank you for your interest in the Lotus Cars mailing list.
>   At this time, the