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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club           www.gglotus.org December 2000
what you didn't hear.....  The reason why her car looked so
good, was because she had just gotten it back from the shop where she had to have the whole thing redone - because I... had accidentally set the whole car on fire.
Which brings the story back about 5 months ago....
My car was in the shop, and I needed to borrow my sister's car.  She lent me her Volkswagon (affectionately called the "Screamin' Yellow Zonker") with a 
Winnebago (stop giggling).  Then while we were on the course, we got rear ended.  The funny thing about that
is that my sister Jan, who owns the car, has only been on one other rallye... and she got rear ended in that one too!  She's only been in 2 accidents in her life--both were in rallyes. 
OK... so you knew all that, but, Here's 
The Happy (and color-coordinated) pilots of the Screaming Yellow Zonker, who earned 3rd place in the Beginner's category. (Note the bent roof rack).

Photo by Daren Stone

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