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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  March 2001
~ 35 days 'till Thunderhill
3 straights, and the sweeper section.  In the afternoon Group B will have open
passing including all turns except the cyclone.  "Open passing" doesn't
include racing others into turns.  Overtaking drivers will need to be sure
the slower driver is aware of them,   and drivers being overtaken will need
to watch their mirrors and leave room for the faster car to get thru.  We
will talk more about the passing rules at the drivers meeting.
     Open cars must have a roll bar, and no open wheel cars are allowed.
Passengers will be allowed in both groups.  Some experienced drivers will be available to provide informal instruction.  For questions call John Zender (650) 368-9105 or email

     Fill out the enclosed entry form and send it in ASAP with your check
payable to the GGLC.

     OK the track day is on for Friday April 13.   In a special deal with
Thunderhill we've limited the attendance to 40 cars maximum.  We've also
opened up the event to other makes, and at this writing we're already about
1/2  sold out.  If ya wanna go you need to get the registration form and a
check in now.  Cost is $175 per car.
     This year we are going to run a "self tech" inspection where you, the
driver, are soley responsible for the safety of your car.  Please bring a
completed tech inspection form to the event.  Make sure you closely inspect
all items on the list.  If you experience a mechanical problem on the track
that should have been avoided by the tech inspection, you will be done for
the day.  Tech inspection and registration forms are available online at
     Drivers will be divided into two groups based on their experience and
type of car. Because of the limited number of cars, we'll be relaxing the
passing rules compared to previous events.  In the morning sessions the less experienced group (Group A) will have passing limited to the 3 main
straights.  In the afternoon, passing for group A will also include the left
hand sweeper section from the exit of 6 and to the entry of 9.  For the more
experienced group (Group B) the morning passing areas will include the 
Mother's Day Dave Bean Run

May 12 is the annual run to dave bean engineering in the gold country.  This is a run you just do not want miss.  Think of it, the 13th is Mother's Day.  You  can buy your mother or your wife something that she really needs maybe a Weber head that is converted from your current Stromberg head or maybe that alternator conversion to replace you current out-of-date generator. 
It will be a little different this year.  Instead of stopping at just Bean's you 

will make additional stops at the Railtons and the Nesters for food and pit stops.  This is an event that you should plan for.  Think of it, an opportunity to shop at Dave Bean engineering (the place where you can always find the Lotus parts that you need) and to drive some of the best Lotus roads found in California. 

RSVP Don Nester 209.588.0782/ or Tom Railton 209.532.9344.

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