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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  May 2001
And yet another Track Day !
Esprit and the highly modified V-8 of Larry Marsala. For the Marsala car Barry Spencer had installed larger air damn, drilled brakes, upgraded anti-sway bar, borrowed Carrera Shocks and Springs, wider Hoosier tires and 100 hp gain yielded up 10 mph around the track.  It was very interesting to watch the reactions of the suspensions of the different cars when each was pushed towards the limits by their respective and for the most part highly competent drivers.
If I recall correctly it was Mario Andretti who tested a series of supercars a few months back for one of the major car magazines and as usual most of the manufacturers (except Lotus) had different springs and shocks and very likely diff air damns, anti-sway bars, engine management systems et al.  The report had concluded that at the limit the V-8 Esprit was slightly squirrelly, and the report was essentially correct. The Sport 350 modifications made the  Marsala Esprit much more stable and controlled. Does this mean that Lotus should cheat in testing like the other manufacturers do, or simply build the V-8 much closer to the Sport 350 model ? 
  A stall by Rod Metz in a Europa that could have been push started much more quickly ended the last of the afternoon session.  And aside from a leaky master cylinder and a few other minor glitches everyone seemed to have had a marvelous time. 
For those of you who came to Thunderhill with or without your Loti, a big hooray ! For those of you who at least drive your Loti on the street or  track some of the time, another yay ! For those of you who have Loti that run and are not doing anything with them, a big Bronx cheer !! Kudos to Mr Zender for putting together a delightful track day. And for those of you who missed it, it appears that John is gunning for a second outing for July the 10th. It will be a fun event at a safe venue for a great price, check it out !
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