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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  July 2001
Deadline for Lotus Corral at Monterey 
Historics is July 27th
(See p3 for details)
The Fun Run will start at 10:30 am from the parking lot in front of the Administration Building at West Valley College in Saratoga.  The school is on Fruitvale Ave. and is close to the Hwy 85 / Saratoga Ave interchange.  There are a few signs for directions to the school if you have not been in that area before and the campus has signs pointing towards the Admin Building.  Go south on Saratoga Ave. from Hwy 
85.  Fruitvale is a left turn two lights up.  The school is on the left.  Go past the first light (Allendale, a perimeter road) and turn in at the next left to roads between parking lots.  The Admin Bldg and parking lot are to the right when this driveway ends at the buildings.
The mountain drive will stick to paved, and by mountain standards, good roads.  It should take about 2 hours.  We will have written direc
tions for everyone.
The cookout will start about 1:00 pm at the Dubberley's.  If you want to skip the Santa Cruz Mountains drive, the directions are:
Take Hwy 17 south from Los Gatos to Lexington Reservoir and the Bear Creek Rd exit.  At the end of the offramp, do not turn left up Bear Creek (the stop sign), instead continue north on the frontage road to Black Rd.  Take Black Rd. left, up hill for about 5 miles, until it deadends at Skyline (Hwy 35).  Turn right on Skyline and go 1.6 miles.  Turn left onto Las Cumbres Rd.  Go 0.25 miles and turn left onto Reed Knoll Rd.  After entering Reed Knoll, immediately turn right into the first driveway.
You can also come up Hwy 9 (Big Basin Way) out of Saratoga until it reaches Skyline at the scenic overlook at the top of the ridge (a 4-way stop sign).  Turn left on Skyline and go south for 4.8 miles to Las Cumbres Rd.
If you get lost, just stop at a house and ask how to find Las Cumbres, or call us on 408-354-7645.
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