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Published by the Golden Grate Locust Club  April 1st, 2002

Big John (Zender) said "The next GGLC track day will be March 4 at Laguna Seca."  "Do you need any help with driving instructors" Flash asked?  "Sure" Big John replied.
Some background-----Flash Racing Ltd. started racing more than 30 years ago.  The team has 2 main members.  Flash is EVP of Wrenchen' & Racin'.  Flashy (my wife Connie) is EVP of Lunch.
So Flash arrives @ Laguna in Flashy's Japanese Elan (Miata) early in the AM, ready to impart his years of experience to the raw recruits.  "Yes, it is my wife's car.  She said that I can do anything I

want to it.  But if I scratch it, I don't need to come home."  7,000 track miles to date and only a few ticks in the windshield.
Out of the 50 or so people signed up for the day, only about 8 to 10 have never been on a track before.  We do a short classroom session.  Dave (the other instructor) and Flash do a lead/follow session first time out.
Then Flash goes out for rides with his "students."  The stated purpose of this activity is to help the newbies learn how to go fast safely.  The indirect purpose is to see if Flash can withhold his impulses to hurl.  (Actually I take travel