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Text Box: 	The Golden Gate Lotus Club has secured Laguna Seca Raceway for a track day on Thursday,  June 13.  This event will be similar to our last event at Laguna in March.  We will have 2 groups of 25 cars that will be arranged according to the driver’s ability and aggressiveness. Group A will be open passing, and Group B will have restricted passing.  As the day wears-on and drivers/cars fall to attrition, participants will be allowed to go out in either or both groups at their own discretion so long as we don’t exceed 25 cars on-track.  Driver’s will less than 5 track days experience, Text Box: member price, you must be a current GGLC member prior to May2002.  Drivers who wish to share a car with another driver will have to pay full-price at this event.

	Open wheeled cars will be allowed to run in Group A only.  Open top Lotus cars without roll bars will be allowed in Group B only.  All other brands of open top cars must have a roll bar installed.  Factory or aftermarket roll bars are OK.  Targa style tops are also OK.

	Be aware that Laguna Seca has a strict sound policy.  If your car seems loud, then you will likely have a problem.  Certain stock cars with original exhaust will sometimes fail the test.  If you are unsure of your car, you should bring a 90 degree bend to attach to your tailpipe that will direct the noise away from the meter.

	We expect this event to sell-out at 50 cars.   Current GGLC members driving Lotus or other makes of cars will be given first priority for registration.  Non-GGLC’ers driving Lotus will be given second priority.  Non-GGLC’ers who have attended a GGLC event in the last year will be given third priority.  All others will receive last priority.  Everyone is encouraged to send in their entries early.  The registration list will be finalized by June 7th, and anyone who doesn’t make the cut Text Box: Chapman Report