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GGLC Lotus Esprit (88-on) Part Interchange / Cross Reference

The Golden Gate Lotus Club Parts Interchange is an compilation of information developed by GGLC members and others to assist all Lotus owners and enthusiasts. The GGLC can not promise that this information is correct and the user should use this information as a possible alternative. The user understands that they use this information at their own risk.

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Updated: Feb 10, 2012

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88 = Post 88 4-cylinder Turbo cars only
V8 = V8 cars only
All = All Esprits
Series/Yr Description Lotus# Cross Reference

Section B - Body


Door Key




Rear Hatch Strut


"Mighty Lift" C-95029, 130LB support (holds wing weight)

V8 Air Bag   1990-92 Pontiac Trans Am

Section C - Front Suspension

Section D - Rear Suspension

Section E - Engine
88 Cam Belt   Nissan Maxima - nis133.
88 Oil filter   Fram PH16, Purolator L10017 / PER17, Amsoil SDF42, AC Delco PF-53, Bosch 3330, Mobil-1 M1-102, Wix 51348, Purolator PureOne PL20081, Proline PPL-10241, Crossland 357, Wix 51307 / 51348 / 51374, K&N HP-2004, Autolite 300, Mobil 1 M-204, NAPA Gold 1521
V8 Oil Filter   Mercedes 190E 2.6-on, Canton 25-262, Crossland 357, Mobil 1 M1-204, Purolator PL200081, K&N HP2004, Fram PH3614
88 Air filter   Wix 46005 - Fits Jaguar
V8 Air filter   K&N 33-2547
88 Alternator belt   Gates 7340, Dayco 15340


Air conditioner belt

  Gates 9313, Dayco 17313
88 Vacuum pump belt   Gates 7340, Dayco 15340
V8 Cam Belt   Gates C918E0298F
V8 Serpentine Belt   Goodyear Gatorback 4060817 or 6PK2057
V8 Auxilary Belt   Goodyear 6PK2072
88 (91SE) Crank Sensor   89 Cavalier GM 10456555
88 Spark Plugs   NGK BPR6EKN
V8 Spark Plugs   NGK BKR6EKC; Denso Iridium IK20#4
V8 Idle Control Valve   AC377, Alfa Romeo 164 (1991-93), Saab 9000 (1990-1997)
V8 Turbocharger   Garrett 452218-0001, Rebuild Kit 709143-0001

Section F - Transmission

Section G - Hubs, Wheels, Tires
88 Wheel bearings, front inner   BCA A6 - Early 80s Toyota Celica
88 Wheel Bearings,front outer   BCA A2 - Early 80s Toyota Celica
88 Grease seal   National 224820

Section H - Steering
V8 Power Steering Pump   ZF 7691-955-102; Ford 95GB-3A674-AC

Section J - Brake System
V8 Front Brake Pads   EBC GD1130
V8 Rear Brake Pads   EBC Green Stuff DP2885

Section K - Cooling System
88 Radiator Cap   Stant 10203, Murry 7003, Prestone RR-3, fits 1985-87 Jeep Cherokee, 1968 Mini Cooper, 1970 Jag XKE
V8 Header Tank   Peugeot 205 or 205 GTI

Section L - Fuel System
V8 Fuel Injector   Oldsmobile Aurora (like year); Bosch #0-280-150-947 (Blue Top)
V8 Secondary Fuel Injector   Mid-90s Chevrolet S10 4-cylinder; Napa 3-18641
88 Fuel filter   Wix 33279 - Fits Volvo/Saab
89 Fuel filter   Napa #3481
V8 Fuel filter   Wix 3481; Napa 3481
88 Fuel pump primary   Bosch 0580-254-967
GFP 208 (Fits 911 Turbo)
AC Delco EP386
GM 25168719
88 Fuel pump secondary   Bosch 0580-254-979
GFP 214 (Fits 911 Turbo)
V8 Fuel Pump   Walbro GSS340, Autozone 3271 (90-100 psi, 55gph)
V8 Fuel Pressure Regulator   1992-1996 Chevrolet Corvette with LT-1 or LT-4 engine
88 Charcoal Cannister   AC/Delco 215-163 Vapor Cannister
GM OE: 17092109

Section M - Electrical System
88 Distributor cap   Borg Warner C567
Standard LU 430
World Parts W32-192
Beck Arnley 174-0257
Niehoff WA 447
V8 Headlamp Motor   Pontiac Fiero, Corvette C4 & C5
V8 Ignition Coil   Bosch 0221503001
V8 Alternator   Bosch 0986039 250-093 (for Open Omega); Bosch 0-123-510-064
V8 Fog Lamps   Saab 9000 CS/CSE/CD (by Valeo) Left: 4014320, Right: 4014312
V8 O2 Sensor   Bosch 13030

Section P - Heating & Ventilation

Section Q - Clutch
89 Clutch Slave Cylinder   Girling 082Q-6031 (maybe from Land Rover, 1961-71 Series IIA) Rebuild Kit: Girling SP2029 or SP4190 7/8" (unconfirmed part numbers); Beck Arney 071-4659 (1979 Triumph TR7)
88 Clutch   Renault Espace V6 2.8L 801-300

Section R - Driveline