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GGLC Lotus M100 Elan Part Interchange / Cross Reference

The Golden Gate Lotus Club Parts Interchange is an compilation of information developed by GGLC members and others to assist all Lotus owners and enthusiasts. The GGLC can not promise that this information is correct and the user should use this information as a possible alternative. The user understands that they use this information at their own risk.

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Updated: Sept 12, 2020

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Body Front Suspension Rear Suspension
Engine Transmission Hubs & Wheels
Steering Brakes Cooling System
Fuel System Electrical System Heating & Ventilation
Clutch Drive Train  


All = All M100 Elan

Series/Yr Description Lotus# Cross Reference

Section B - Body
All Door Inner Handle (nearest hinge)   GM 32 PA 90246188
All Door Lock Handle   GM Carlton Senator
GM 32 PA 90240638
All Door Lock Orange Clip   GM Carlton Senator - GM 90286850
Opel 134793
All Ignition Key   Ilco DW04RAP
All Door/Boot Key   Ilco S1098H
Dominion S98H
Taylor O98H
Curtis B45
All Wiper blade refill   Trico #45-245 (trim length to fit)


Wiper Pivot Covers


Landrover Part# PRC8253

Section C - Front Suspension
All Front Dampers   AVO Adj Gas PH747

Section D - Rear Suspension
All Rear Dampers   AVO PH748

Section E - Engine


Air Filter Box




Oil Filter


Wix 51334, Purolator PL14459 or L14459, Fram PH3593, Valvoline V039

All Air Filter   Coopers EG 939
Crossland CF 9164
Fram CA 4744A
Multipart ASU 1816
Unipart GFE 1123
K&N E-2350
Knecht LX706
All Turbocharger   IHI
All Cam Belt   Isuzu Piazza/Impulse
Gates T169
Inita Powergrip 159YU25
Isuzu 8944294860
All Cam Idler Pulley   Isuzu Piazza/Impulse
Gates T42001
All Cam Tensioner Assembly   Isuzu Piazza/Impulse
Gates T41027
All Power Steering Belt   Bando Rib-Ace 4Pk685
Gates K060380
Isuzu 894139-0670
All Alternator Belt   Bando 6PK1045
Isuzu 894364-5800
All Spark Plugs   NBK BKR6E
NGK BKR6EVX platinum
Champion RC12YC
Bosch 7556 super (copper core)
Bosch 4201 platinum
Bosch 4417 platinum 4 plug
Champion 3071 or 3071-2
All Ignition Wires   Nology 011-254-011
Magnecor KV85-45286
Accel acc-7911
All PCV Valve   Fram FV340
Seiki Aisin 18500-8003
All Harmonic Pulley   Unorthodox Racing 020410003 (lightened)
All Fuel Injectors   Rochester 17089116
All O-Rings for Injectors   BOSCH EARLY 0280150/155 4 CYLINDER 15MM KIT 35 -GB REMANUFACTURING INC ref : 8-008 -Beck/Arnley ref : 158-0892

Section F - Transmission
All Transmission   Geo Storm (5% taller 1st, 2nd & 3rd)
Isuzu Stylus (5% taller 1st, 2nd & 3rd + 3.5 diff)
Isuzu Impulse (5% taller 1st, 2nd & 3rd + 4.1 diff)
All Shifter Cable   Geo Storm

Section G - Hubs, Wheels, Tires


Rear Wheel Bearings - Inner (large)


SKF 331224


Rear Wheel Bearings - Outer (small)


SKF K-LM-11749/Q


Front Wheel Bearing


SKF BAHB 311396B

Section H - Steering


Power Steering




Steering Wheel


1988-93 Pontiac TransAm style NP5 leather wrap

Section J - Brake System


Front Brakes


GM Bedfords, Vauxhalls, Opels


Front Brake Rotors


GM LV SHW3360 GM 90 250 546 (Germany), Opel Calibra, Vauxhall Astra
Opel Astra 2.0 16v


Front Brake Pads


GM Pontiac Fiero
1989 Pontiac LeMans GSE 2.0
89-91 Opel Kadett 17D


Rear Brakes


Chevy Lumina (91)
AC Delco 171-580


Rear Caliper Slides


1989 Chevy Lumina; 1990 Pontiac Grand Am


Master Brake Cylinder


AC Delco part no 174-812 (standard) or 18M478 (durastop)

Section K - Cooling System
All Thermostat   Isuzu Impulse RS (turbo) 1991-1992 4XE1-T
All Electric Water Pump   Jabsco 59500
All Expansion Tank Cap   Slant 11250

Section L - Fuel System


Fuel Filter

  AC Delco #GF-481; Purolator F33144; Motorcraft FG851; NAPA 3481(BP); Bosch 0450905177; WIX 33L481; Champion G481; Deutsch FF504; Hasting GF111; Isuzu 8-25055-052-0 or 8250551290; Lucas F157

Section M - Electrical System


Rear Light Cluster


Renault Alpine GTA


Front Indicator/Side Lamp

  McLaren F1
Venturi Atlantique
Rover/MG XGB000060A


Dials, Switchgear & Gauges



All interior headlight switch   really close to 1991 Pontiac LeMans just exchange the round knob (barb hook at back is very difficult) with the old one and it will do


Window Switches


GM Cavalier, 1999 Saturn L (rear door)
GM 90282849BR


Mirror Adjuster Switch

  GM Cavalier
Vauxhall Carlton & Senator
1995 SAAB 900 vigen most all 900 sport coupes with that power option (mounts on the door)


Column Stalk Switches


GM Cavalier




Optima Red Top "Model 75/35"




90-93 Geo Storms, Isuzu Impulse, and 91-93 Isuzu Stylus Beck Arnley #1860545, Denso #2100408, Bosch #AL4436X, AC Delco #3341911


Starter Motor


Isuzu - 8943444722
Nippon Denso - 128000-7122 12V


Door lock actuators


90-91 GM Camaro/Firebird


O2 Sensor

  91 Isuzu Turbo
Bosch/Isuzu BSA13277


Headlamps - Low

  Wagner H5006


Headlamp Lift Motor

  1987-up Pontiac Sunbird
1988-96 Corvette GML-1, GMR-1


Horn Buttons

  1988-93 Pontiac TransAm wheel style NP5

Section P - Heating & Ventilation
All Heater Valve   NAPA #660-1200, Volvo 740/940, Jag XJ6 (series 3)

Section Q - Clutch

Section R - Driveline
All CV Boots   91 Isuzu Impulse