Lotus Racing Stories & History

The Golden Gate Lotus Club and its members have over the years collected loads of Lotus information and Lotus related stories. We hope you find these Lotus stories informative and entertaining!
Articles Published by Lotus Engineering
Lotus History   Lotus Today
Lotus Cars, Company FAQ
Chapman Memorial (Statue & Grave)
Ketteringham Hall tour
The Original Lotus Racing Simulator (11/4/2015)
  Lotus Sport 2-Eleven (11/12/08)
Lotus 2-Eleven (3/6/07)
Sport Exige GT3 (12/16/05)
Lotus Europa S Announcement
Lotus Circuit Car
2005 Exige Sport
Exige for the US?
Lotus Racing   Lotus Meets & Events
LotuSport Newsletters from 1993
Grand American Esprit Racer
Track Tour of Indianapolis Raceway
GGLC Barry Spencer 2000 SCCA SoloII Champion
  2004 Team Lotus 50th Anniversary Celebration
1998 Brands Hatch 50th Lotus Anniversary
2004 Lotus Owners Gathering
Lotus Lore   Automotive Stories
Elan Rivals
Meet Peter Arundell
A Visit to Pete Lovely's Shop
  2002 Detroit Auto Show