Europa S2 Gordini Cam

By Paul A Zielinski
From Lotus Internet List - Sat, 4 Jul 1998

I got my reground cam and unfinished lifters back from ISKY!

Four months ago, I sent the cam to them for a regrind ($75, an exellent price) and the lifters for refinishing ($8/each, another excellent price). The lifters were then sent to a subcontractor wad who kept them for two months and did nothing. And then he kept them for another two months while being begged and threatened to return them unfinished.

So since I had to wait so long, IKSY ground and shipped the cam for FREE! Interestingly, the list price for the cam grind was given as $150. (So maybe they charge the engine builder $75 and the engine builder charges you $150?)

ISKY offers three grinds for the Gordini Hemi.

RG-6A (the one I'm using, smooth idle): Cam lift 0.293, Valve lift 0.430, duration 258 degrees.

RG-8A (rough idle, higher RPM power): Cam lift 0.294, Valve lift 0.430, duration 284 degrees.

RG-9A (full race and tractor pulls?): Cam lift 0.351, Valve lift 0.500, duration 280 degrees.

I still recommend ISKY, just leave the lifters home. A normal regrind should take 1 week.

Moss Motors directed me to White Post Restoration for lifter refinishing. And Billy Thopmson of White Post promptly anwered my email query and directed me to EGGE PARTS HOUSE in California. ("They are good people to deal with".) By the way, White Post does hydraulic resleeving, etc.

Or I may just get new lifters from Marchant's of London.