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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club           www.gglotus.org October 2000
It's time for Officer nominations !!!
round trip to Fort Bragg and back via some very nice back roads. There were about 45 cars, and a lot of mechanical problems.  Highlights of the Melee included Jay Lamm dumping 6 bags of ice and ten cases of beer directly into the trunk of his Alfa at the end of day one for all the participants to enjoy.  Perhaps the defining moment of the Melee was when Tad Yenawine pulled over and duct taped a dead skunk to the hood of his 1973 Mazada RX3.  Tasteless, yes, but that's how you win the Melee.  There were 3 Loti on the event, a '62 Lotus 7, a '65 super 7, and a 74 Europa special.  I had a great drive with the twin cam Europa on an up hill mountain road.  I was keeping up in the corners and getting run in the straits until my gas filler came off and I found out that I was stuck in third gear.  The Melee is a great event with great people and even greater cars.  Not all are rust buckets; a Swiss made Monte Verde (sic) High Speed won the classy award.  It is definitely worth checking out.  Maybe my Elan will be ready for next year.

To those interested in particpating in next year's Melee' I suggest that you disregard the application submission date on the registration form and get your app. in ASAP. I called two weeks before the due date and was told that they had been booked up for some time and were not accepting any more entries. :-(  Ed.

The California Melee is an annual vintage car tour that started about four years ago with the intent of thumbing its nose at some of the more upscale and expensive vintage car tours that are held, specifically Martin Swig's California Mille. This rally is unique in that body damage, rust, primer, and duct tape are welcomed with large grins.  This year I got my application in a little late, and was told the only way that 
I would get on is if I came to the pre-party and some one had dropped out.  I didn't make duct tape union jack on the hood of my 69 MGB-GT for nothing.  On Friday night I headed to a little Welsh pub in the city to beg our way onto the rally.  I was greeted by several soccer hooligans who were yelling and pointing at the hood of my car.  All the Melee rides were neatly arranged on the sidewalk outside.  Most visible was former SCI editor Jay Lamm's Alfa GTV painted in hammerite green, wearing TEAM HAMMERITE stickers and a traditional vintage racer scheme.  I was let on the rally without problems.  I excitedly slapped on my rally stickers and blasted home to Oakland.  However to my dismay my little MG died only blocks from home, and refused to crank.  I walked home got the tow vehicle and towed the MG the remaining two blocks.  After diagnosing that it was the alternator I hopped online to check parts crossovers.  Where was I going to get a 1981 Ford Fiesta alternator at 8:30 am on a Saturday?  After wrenching into the wee hours of the morning to pull the alternator I realized that the bracket was broken.  So I jerry rigged it, tightened the belt, charged the battery and I was ready to go.  That type of misfortune and repair is what the Melee is all about.  The event itself was great; it started in SF and made 
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