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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  February 2001
Its Track Time again !
(registration form on p4)
in both groups. Some experienced drivers will be available to provide informal instruction.

Cars must be pre-teched before arriving at the track or pay an additional $20 fee to tech in the morning. The tech penalty will be waived for drivers arriving from outside the Bay Area. Pre-tech locations will be announced in the next newsletter. For questions call John Zender (650) 368-9105 or email

Fill out the enclosed entry form and send it in ASAP with your check payable to the GGLC.  The entry form is also available online at

OK, asked for it and we got it. The first GGLC track day for 2001 is scheduled for Friday, April 13. How can it be Good Friday and Friday the 13th at the same time? Anyway, we got a special deal from Thunderhill and
are going to cut off registration at 40 cars. This is gonna allow us to run
only two groups so we'll all get maximum track time. We'll be inviting other clubs such as Alfa, Miata, and Triumph, so if ya wanna go, yer gonna have to act fast.

Cost is $175 per car and doesn't include a meal, jacket patch, event program, classic car insurance ads, or even a bag of peanuts. Gas will 

be available at the track and the snack bar will likely be open (we'll verify that later).

Drivers will be divided into two groups based on their experience and type of car. Because of the limited number of cars, we'll be relaxing the passing rules compared to previous events. In the morning sessions the less
experienced group (Group A) will have passing limited to the 3 main
straights. In the afternoon, passing for group A will also include the left
hand sweeper section from the exit of 6 and to the entry of 9. For the more experienced group (Group B) the morning passing areas will include the 3 straights, and the sweeper section. In the afternoon Group B will have open passing including all turns except the cyclone. "Open passing" doesn't
include racing others into turns. Overtaking drivers will need to be sure the slower driver is aware of them, and drivers being overtaken will need to watch their mirrors and leave room for the faster car to get thru. We will talk more about the passing rules at the drivers meeting.

Open cars must have a roll bar, and no open wheel cars are allowed. Passengers will be allowed 

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