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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  August 2001
nearly sucked the headlights right out of the little Europa.  That car had some serious power and acceleration! A pretty cool piece of machinery, and both the F40 and the F50 were simply a delight to hear. 
On a personal note, the Toyo Proxes tires I got for the Europa last year were working very well indeed.  The break away has been progressive and smooth, and I simply can't complain about the grip - they really are a good tire for that car.  But, after putting a pyrometer to the tires, it's clear that the Europa needs negative camber all the way around.  And as you can see from the newsletter, I have until October to get it done. 
Since I had no way to add camber at the track, I tried to solve some of my more immediate understeer problems by fooling with tire pressures.  I dropped the pressure in the front tires 2 psi, and raised the rears by 3psi.  That added enough bite to the front, and reduced enough from the rear to give me better balance. It really made a big improvement to the way the car handled in the slow corners and I could make it  through turn 14 without scrubbing off too much speed.  The better balance clearly paid-off as I was able to get the edge on the 911's through the turns this time.  This gets back to my earlier point of it being nice having a variety of cars to compare to.  I still give up quite a bit to them on the horsepower side, but now I'm equal, and in some cases, ahead of them in the turns.  I think when the camber gets set correctly, the little black Europa will be dispensing with the 911s fairly well, but then there are those damn M3s! Another impressive car, especially when you consider that they're 

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Last month I wrote about the great time we had on John Zender's rallye and this month I'm here to tell you that most of you really lost out on another opportunity to have great fun.  I'm speaking of the track day that the GGLC hosted on July 10.  Yeah, yeah, I know that most of you are saying that you couldn't make it because it was on a weekday.  Okay, I'll cut you a little slack on this one, but only a little since I firmly believe that these track days could be the most therapeutic thing a car-person could do for themselves!  I can't emphasize enough that you really should look at in a different way, you would call in sick for one day at the drop of a hat if you weren't feeling well, wouldn't you?  Don't look at as playing hooky from work, look at instead as preventive health care because you are not only going to be healthier in the mind from having such a great time, but you'll also get a physical workout as well! 
Okay, enough about that, let me tell 
you about the day we had and then that might be enough to convince you to attend the next one.  We had approximately 34 cars show up and I'm sad to report that Lotuses were sadly lacking in attendance.  Roughly speaking, we probably had 7 Lotuses, 10 Porsches, 6 BMWs, 2 Ferraris, 1 Cobra, 1 Eagle, 1 Alfa, 2 Miatas, and a few other assorted cars.  But we did have a nice array of cars that were fun to dice with, and in some cases, some that were nice to get blown away by.  Some of you may remember that at our second track day at Thunderhill last September, we invited/allowed a few Porsche club guys, and other assorted makes to fill in some spots.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we've gained some really friendly guys and a variety of cars.  At that event, we had some Viper club people show up to spice things up a little. Well, this time we had a Ferrari F40, an F50, and to our pleasant surprise, a Lotus Exige!  I don't know about you, but that little car gets my juices flowing and it was nice to have it out on the track.  Unfortunately, I was never out on the track at the same time to see how it performed, but I was out with the F40 for one session.  I thought getting passed by a 500hp Viper was impressive until the F40 passed me!  As I've told a few club members already, I didn't see anyone behind from turn 3 through turn 6.  But by the time I was exiting turn 6, all I saw in my mirror was red!  I flagged him by and he 
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