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that day.  As I got to the lower end of the park, I could see the noses of a few cars parked at our site.  It was a bit of a billy-goat climb up to the site, but when I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see the parking area packed with Lotuses! I was thoroughly impressed by the number of people and cars that were there.  It seemed like we had one of each. We had several V8 Esprits, as well as John's new-to-the-road Turbo S2 Esprit, a few Elans, Europas, Sevens, M100 Elans, and a Jensen.  We even had some non-Lotus cars present as well, the eye-catcher being a TVR Cerbera!
  Although I was late, I was still there in plenty of time to partake in the Lotus-talk and check out a few cars.  It was good to see some people that I haven't seen in a long time and of course it's always a pleasure to see the regulars! 
I chatted a while before being called to duty as one of the cooks for the event. Now, over the years, I've hailed the GGLC members as a great group of people, but this year, they have surpassed themselves.  I now add the word "brave" to the list of qualities they have.  Yes, despite the potential of the various forms of food poisoning that exist, they ate the burgers I cooked!  Perhaps they weren't aware of just how little cooking experience I have?  Perhaps they found out?  But it must have all worked out fine because I didn't hear of any complaints about the cooking, and several people came back for seconds and thirds! 
After lunch, we had a short meeting and the announcement was made that there would be short run through the hills above Huddart Park and down the backside of Skyline.  Since the Seven isn't exactly "dialed in" yet, I thought I'd take up the rear and go at my own pace. Everything was fine until I got down to the bottom of Tunitas Creek Road.  I felt something funny in the steering but couldn't nail down exactly what it was. I continued on at a modest speed and caught up with a few of the others at the bottom.  At that point I decided to take the nose off and see what was going on up front and was somewhat shocked to see that the steering rack had moved in the mounts! 

The funny feeling in the steering was one of the bolts in the steering u-joint hitting the frame as it rotated around.  I had painted the rack when I was assembling the car and the early racks didn't have any flanges on them to keep them from sliding from side to side like all the newer racks do. The paint turned out to be a nice slick surface and the rack had slid over from all the bumps going down Tunitas Creek Road.  And wouldn't you know, this was the only time I DIDN'T bring any tools with me!
Within a few minutes I was greeted by a young couple in a Subaru. The woman looked the Seven all over and said: "That is so cute! What is it?"  We had the usual conversation about what it is and where it comes from and then they told me if I needed anything, they lived just up the road.  So I put a halt to the fun-run and decided that maybe I could just take it easy and limp home by way of Highway 1 and 92.  If I couldn't, I'd go back and find the Subaru.  I got about a tenth of a mile and decided that it was a death wish to go on. So I went back looking for the Subaru and couldn't find a soul that looked like they knew anything other than what a John Deere or a Chevy Silverado is.  So I continued on and quickly came across another young 
couple working on their house who loaned me a 7/16 combination wrench and socket wrench.  I sat on their dirt driveway in the nice warm sun of the Pescadero hills relocating my rack and thinking: "These wimps nowadays in their stupid Camrys don't even know what real motoring is!" 
After I got the rack all secured, I was off again, enjoying the twisty roads and the perfect weather.  A highly eventful day to say the least, and I enjoyed every minute of it!  I'd like to thank John again for pulling this event together in such short notice, and thanks to all those who attended. 
Before I go, I'd like to point out that it's that time of year again and we will be nominating people for offices at the next meeting.  You might want to show up to defend yourself. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Jerry Bassler at the meetings lately. Hmmmm………. 

Jerry and I will see you at the next meeting!


The Melee' veteran Seven of Han Huber, proudly wearin' its' colors.

Photo by Daren Stone

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