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(ads are free to GGLC members and will run for at least three issues before requiring renewal)

BBS 3 piece rims.  225/60R15 rear and 195/60R15 front.   $1000,  OBO or will trade for S2 original rims.  Al Sanchez (650) 341-1632.(12/00)

For Sale: Triumph GT6 parts car. Straight but rusty, complete except no interior, bonnet or front brakes. Extra engine, trans (no O/D), rear end. $500/obo. Ian, (650) 903-3551. (05/01)

For Sale: oddball Lotus cranks.  6-Bolt stroker crank for 1800cc, stock main and rod bearing journals $300. 6-Bolt steel crank for 1300cc super short stroke, stock main & rod journals $600. 
Tom Wimperis  530-899-9380 (6/01)

For Sale.  Four (4) Panasport 5" J13 wheels, with
knock off hubs mounted with Bridgestome 165/65/R13 Potenza RE-13. (from S2 Elan) Excellent condition/minimal wear on tires. Patrick Moran 
650-321-6950 (10/01)

For Sale. Four (4) ORIGINAL PRESSED STEEL WHEELS. Offers. (from S2 Elan) Patrick Moran 650-321-6950 (10/01)

For Sale. Four (4) original knock off nuts.  (from S2 Elan) Offers, Patrick Moran  650-321-6950 (10/01)

For Sale. Four new knock off hex nuts with wrench. $125. (from S2 Elan) Patrick Moran 650-321-6950 (10/01)

For Sale; S2 Europa rear compartment, functional but thrashed, needs reglassing. $40/obo.
Daren, (408) 527-5044, (10/01)


Wanted: Rear deck glass for S1/S2 Esprit. Call John (650) 368-9105 (10/01)

Wanted: serviceable Twincam Europa parts, especially suspension and transaxle. Please contact Mike Schlict at (408) 891-5833. (07/01)

Wanted: Series 2 Europa frame in serviceable to excellent condition (straight, no rust, little/no "usual" cracking). Need frame only, no suspension corners. Prefer for unit to be in Bay Area. Doug Merrell, (408) 252-7196. (07/01)

WANTED:  BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS: I buy Lotus, Lotus related and other car/racing 
books, including annuals.  Foster Cooperstein,
16 Madoc Street, Newton Centre, MA  02458

WANTED: Lotus related license plates.   Foster Cooperstein, 16 Madoc Street, Newton Centre, MA  02458 (617) 965-2058,


Norton Commando, 750cc, 1970, with Dunstall fairing, tank and exhaust. Give your classic Lotus a stablemate from the homeland. Great British exhaust sound included, just kick it over and twist the grip. $3500, less 10% discount for GGLC members. Jim McClure, (408) 257-1463. (09/01)

Will the person who purchased the TwinCam Stromberg head from Mike Schlict please contact him at (408) 891-5833. (07/01)

Lotus Cars for sale

For Sale 1995 Caterham Classic SE: 1600cc crossflow with 4 speed, less than 4000 miles, yellow clamshell fenders, polished aluminum bodywork, adjustable cloth seats and shoulder harnesses, wind deflectors, competition exhaust, weather package, Super 7 grille. $25,000. 
Phil Binley at 415-868-9636 or (07/01)

Lotus Esprit S1 unfinished project.  Body in good shape, engine running at start of project (5 years ago).  No pollution equipment.  Electics 90% complete.  Would make a good project for a knowledgeable mechanic or parts car for a crunched S1.  $1500 obo.  Keith Horton (805) 968-6308 or (08/01)

Miscellaneous MGB parts for sale: Mallory dual point distributor, brand new, never been used. May work with other 4 cyl. I also have original dual SU carbs, intake and exhaust manifold, fuel pump, air cleaners.  If you have an MGB that needs a spare I may have it. email me questions or offers. Bill Mertz, (510) 326-9863. 03/01

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