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Published by the Golden Gate Lotus Club  December 2001
chances to fix it, and then you re done. If your car seems very loud you probably won t pass the test. If you re unsure about your sound, you may try getting a small muffler (like SuperTrapp) to attach to your tailpipe. Another trick is to clamp a 90 degree bend on the tail pipe to direct the sound away from the meter. 

You can print the registration form and tech sheet by going to;
...scroll to near the bottom of the home page to find the icons. Check your car and fill out the tech sheet yourself. Price is $175 for current GGLC members and $200 for non-members. Additional drivers sharing a car are $50. Mail your check, registration, and COMPLETED tech sheet to the address on the registration form. If the forms are labeled Thunderhill, don t worry about it, just write in Laguna Seca. Also disregard the pricing and lunch info shown on the registration sheet as these don t apply to Laguna Seca. 

If you wanna register for the event, be sure to also send a message to to get on the mailing list for additional info. This is a one-way mailing list where the GGLC staff will make announcements for all future track events. Members will not be able to post messages. Questions can be directed to or call John at (650) 368-9105.

On Monday, March 4th  2002 the Golden Gate Lotus Club will be hosting a track event at Laguna Seca Raceway. Format will be similar to our previous events at with only 2 groups to insure maximum track time. The A group will be for experienced drivers with a minimum of 5 previous track days and will allow open passing everywhere except through the Corkscrew. The B group will be open to anyone and will allow passing on the main straights with no point by, and passing everywhere else with a point by. Instructors will be available to help beginners and advanced drivers.
Because of the higher cost of Laguna Seca (compared to Thunderhill), the maximum number of entries will be increased to 50 cars. Because we expect this event to sell-out, registration priority will be arranged in the following order:

1. Current GGLC members driving any brand of vehicle.

2. Non-GGLC members driving Lotus.

3. Non-GGLC/Lotus who have attended another GGLC track event in the last 2 years.

4. Everyone else.

Everyone is encouraged to send in the entry form and check ASAP. If you are not in the first couple priority groups, your registration will be saved and accepted according to its postmark on a space available basis. The registration list will be finalized at least 1 week prior to the event. I m guessing that there will be approximately 15-20 spots available for persons in the lower priority groups, so get your check in early to help insure a spot.
Be aware that this event is on rain or shine. Refunds will only be available to GGLC members, and only if we exceed the 50 car count. Also be aware that Laguna Seca has strict sound enforcement. If your car exceeds the limit (I think 92 dB) you will get a couple 

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