Thank You!

Happy New Year 2021

Maybe you’re one to gladly see 2020 in their review mirror and we can’t blame you! Cooped up at home, your hair has grown long and shaggy and you can’t remember the last time you actually ate in a restaurant with friends.

But, with your help, the GGLC eked out 7 track days at 3 different tracks, 6 autocrosses, and a half dozen drives. 

The thing is, in late March we didn’t think any of this would happen with a world in lock down. Yet, with your cooperation, patience and flexibility we followed and created health aware protocols, followed guidelines and were able to enjoy our cars.

We did this together. We did this as community. We did this by caring for the welfare of all and our love Lotus.


Let’s take this momentum into 2021, continue to find ways to enjoy our cars in a safe and healthy manner and look forward to a time we can shake hands and see each other’s smile!