Fall 2013 Sierra Foothills Tour! (19-20 Oct)

An overnight event in the Sierra foothills! We will start with an open house at Dave Bean Engineering in San Andreas on Saturday morning. Then it’s off to lunch the Pickle Patch deli. After lunch we find some scenic and “Lotus” back roads to Sutter Creek for a stop and then on to the historical and picturesqe town of Volcano.

Overnight in Volcano
12 rooms have been reserved for overnight accomodations in Volcano. You can select from:

  • 2 Queen bed rooms at the Union Inn at $145/night (includes breakfast)
  • 2 King bed rooms at the Union Inn at $164/night (includes breakfast)
  • 6 rooms at the St. George Hotel at $98/night
  • 1 Queen Suite at the St. George Hotel at $130/night
  • 1 King Suite at the St. George Hotel at $140/night

The above rooms will be held until Oct 1st. To reserve a room call the Union Inn at (209) 296-7711 or the St. George Hotel at (209) 296-4458

Once these rooms are booked you will need to stay in Sutter Creek, about 30 minute drive. In Sutter Creek you can find the Days Inn (800) 225-3297 or the American Exchange Hotel (209) 267-0242.

Just Saturday or Just Sunday
You don’t have to do both days. You can join the tour on either Saturday or just Sunday.

If you want to do only Saturday, just meet the group at Dave Bean Engineering in San Andreas and then depart after arriving in Volcano.

Those joining the event on Sunday may meet overnighters for breakfast in Volcano on Sunday morning. After breakfast and some sightseeing in Volcano we’ll drive on some lightly traveled and scenic roads between Volcano and Somerset/Fair Play. In Somerset/Fair Play the group will visit one or two wineries with lunch at one of the wineries. Somerset/Fair Play/Plymouth is roughly an hour’s drive from Sacramento or about a three hour drive for those returning to the Bay area.

The event is designed so you can participate in both days or either Saturday or Sunday. RSVP is needed in all cases.

RSVP by email to oct-drive@gglotus.org

You can find the latest information about the event on the GGLC website: http://www.gglotus.org/ggcalend/f13foothills.htm