Evora on Ice


Winding Road magazine has driven the Lotus Evora on the Circuit de Serre Chevalier ice-racing circuit and came away impressed with the poise and handling

There’s a perfect feeling when you set up a curve just right, because it’s a delicate balance that you learn only after lots of tries. When we started hitting it curve after curve in the Evora with the spikey Sottozeros, we were in heaven. The 276-horsepower, 258-pound-foot Toyota 3.5-liter V-6, combined with all of the Lotus magic at the chassis and very responsive throttle setup, really did make us damned near invincible.

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Evora on Trial

Lotus Evora

Winding Road magazine got to spend some time in the passenger seat of an Evora being driven by Matt Becker of Lotus. While the article is a little short on real driving impressions, it does have some info about things like pricing (starting at $70,000), release date (Q1 2010), performance (0-60 in 4.9s), interior, etc… Click through to read the full article.