Autocross Clinic Registration now open

Registration for the April 26 (Sunday) GGLC autocross is now open. It will be a practice day (50 spots) and clinic (10 spots). Club members only for the first week. Click the following link to sign up:

We have also added a sign up option for setup (unloading equipment and setting up the course). You will need to be on site and ready to work by 7:15-20. And I will hold a drawing for the setup crew. For the winner, we will open a spot, so they can have double runs (at no extra cost).

For those of you who made our March event, times can be found at:

We should have photos up by this weekend. Once done you can find them at:


Larry & Alex

3 Replies to “Autocross Clinic Registration now open”

  1. Hi, I’d like to know if I can pay the membership fees at Marina on the 26th of April. I will still be running fun group for that day if that’s ok. Also, how much does it cost to autocross with the GGLC?

    Rob Vincent
    2005 Elise

  2. Hi Rob. You can pay got membership at the same time as the event fees. The membership is $25/year and the autocross is around $45 per event for members ($55 for non-members).

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