6 Replies to “Jim Clark – The Quiet Champion”

  1. Fantastic profile of a true champion, demostrating that those that shout loudest are not always the greatest.

  2. I was involved in this production, and I can say it was a class programme, very nice people. Good to find some television people who actually cared about their subject.

  3. I live in South Africa. I used to hitch hike from Durban to Kyalami (a distance of some 650 km)from 1965 at the age of 15 until J.Y.S. won the sagp in 1969. I met Jackie and spent spent quiet a lot of time talking to him and Graham Hill. Jim was never about. In 1968 I was wandering down the pits and there he was – JIM CLARK. I stood there not knowing what to do. He seemed to know that I wanted to talk…..
    Jim then said “Son, do you want to talk?” I was then “granted” 45 minutes of his time. What a down to earth chap he was, thought he seemed lonely. He told me that he’d recently broken up with his long-time girl friend. Funny during our chat he told Colin Chapman the was busy and he would come when he was finished. For that reason I’m so interested in Jimmy.

  4. I was always a Jim Clark fan ever since I saw Him in his green Lotus as it screamed down the track @ Indy in 1964..What a Great Legend & also a Great era in auto Racing @ that time During the 60’s & 70’s..He Ranks among the Best to ever drive a race car..

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