Evora reviews come pouring in

The worlds automotive press have finally gotten their hands on the Lotus Evora and the glowing reviews have been pouring in. Click through to read more:

Car and Driver

The Evora is planted and secure, yet picks apart corners with a light and playful feel that always makes mid-engine cars feel so special—think Ferrari F430, only with better steering.


The Evora marks a turning point for the British maker. This may be the first-ever Lotus built for everyone.

Automobile Mag

In terms of build quality and the solidity of its presentation, the Evora is easily the most mature Lotus yet. While heavier than most of its predecessors, none will doubt they are driving a car built by people who place a premium on roadholding and handling.


However, the major surprise is the Evora’s suitability for day-long journeys; the creamy torque of the engine, the way the suspension quietly absorbs bumps and suppresses the coarse surfaces so often found in rural Scotland, the rock-like rigidity of the chassis and the richness of its cabin trim and equipment are all new areas for Lotus. This is a car truly suitable for a week’s all-roads European grand touring, the first of the marque to achieve it.

Drivers Republic

First impressions: typical Lotus ride/handling but much more grown-up. There’s even a properly good hi-fi!

Top Gear

But the really successful elements of Project Eagle – stiff, versatile chassis, stunning looks and superb handling – are what the Elise was about fifteen years ago.

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