GGLC Truck Update

After 3 years in service, the GGLC Truck that carries all our autocross equpment was beginning to look a little worse for wear. It was decided that we would paint it in the classic Lotus colours of British racing green with a yellow stripe. We wanted something big and bold, it needed the GGLC logo and we wanted something that showed the cars. This was our final result:

We went through a bunch of different designs, with horizontal stripes, car cut-aways, big flash photos of cars, Union Jack flags and other elements. The final design is bold – big vertical yellow stripe; messages – GGLC logo and GGLC branding; statement – says what the GGLC is about; cars – shadowed/ghosted car images down the length of the truck.

For more info on the GGLC truck visit its official webpage.

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