Great America AutoX Registration is open (21 May Event)

Registration is now open for the May 21st (Saturday) event at Great America.

As usual only participating GGLC members can register during the first week of registration. Club members are also given preference on the waitlist. Please register on the motorsport reg site at The cost is $60 for members and $70 for non-members.


· Exhibitionist driving (drifting, doughnuts, burnouts, etc) will NOT be tolerated. Such driving will lead to immediate dismissal from the site and banning from future GGLC autocross events.

· If you should spin on course, regain control of your car as quickly as possible with the minimum of tire squealing and continue on your run.

· Excessive loud exhaust will not be allowed. No open exhaust. Exhaust systems must be road legal for the highway.

These new rules at Great America are a result of complaints received during car events at Great America. Any future complaints will result in the CLOSURE of the Great America site for autocross events. Please be considerate and help the autocross community keep this site. Please follow the above rules. If you see anyone violating these rules please immediate contact the event organizers and speak to the offending driver.

See you all in a few weeks,

Colm & Alex
GGLC Autocross Chairs

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