Evora on Showtime

Following on from the placement of the Lotus Evora on Desperate Housewives, Lotus has now gotten the Evora onto two different Showtime shows.

First a Chilli Red Evora has appeared on a couple of episodes of Californication as one the cars that belongs to the “Samurai Apocalypse” character. The car is barely visible on the driveway (top left below) and it is only the Lotus fans who will notice its presence.


The second placement is having the Evora being driven by one of the clients of the Galweather consultancy on the new show House of Lies. The car is much more recognizable in this video but since the character driving it is exposed as fraudulent it may not be the best PR placement in the world.

House of Lies

Lotus is obviously trying hard to get noticed especially in the US market but so far none of the efforts are even close to the Esprits that James Bond drove in the late 70s and early 80s.

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