Registration for AutoX #6 (22-Sept) is now open

Announcing registration for Round #6 of the 2013 GGLC Autocross Series on Sept 22, 2013 at the Marina Airport.

Registration opens today at 6 pm PDT for GGLC members. Non-Members will be able to register after Sept 7th.

Registration is limited. There will be 3 run groups. Entrants are required to work. Lunch is included with registration. $60 for GGLC members, $70 for non-members. Registration will close on Sept 19. In the event of a sell-out a wait list will be started.

For details visit the GGLC Autocross web page.

To register go to MotorSportReg.

Please be sure to print, sign and bring a signed waiver for the City of Marina.

This is a Sunday event. Traffic returning to the Bay Area may be heavy. We suggest you visit the alternative route from the Marina Airport to Hwy 101 North. You can find details on the GGLC AutoX web page.

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