WCLM Update #3 and Call for Volunteers

We are very close to start of the 2014 West Coast Lotus Meet and I hope you are all as excited as I am to hang out with over a hundred other Lotus fans. The following are some quick updates:

New Funkhana Event
I am happy to announce that we have added a new Funkhana event at 3pm on Friday at the Heavenly Parking Lot in front of the HQ hotel. Funkhanas are low-speed, light-hearted competitions that are a test of dexterity and patience. Each team, composed of a driver and passenger, must complete tasks — often centered around a theme — that involve car handling, teamwork and especially a sense of humor. You might be parking blindfolded, playing ring toss with a fan belt, or trying a soccer penalty kick. Teams are graded by a combination of time, accuracy, and points. By including an element of luck, everyone has a good chance of winning. . . or screwing up.

Event Prizes and Raffles
We can now confirm that we will be giving away Mario Andretti autographed wine bottles as our official prizes for the WCLM competitions. In addition our sponsors have generously contributed several choice items to be raffled off during the event.

Autocross Moved to Minden Tahoe Airport
The WCLM Autocross has now been moved to the Minden Tahoe Airport where the sheriffs department is closing down 1 mile of road for us to conduct our event. Its a pretty good bet that we’ll have a few high speed straights at the event.

Call for Volunteers
As you may know the West Coast Lotus Meet is run entirely by volunteers. We are looking for a few more volunteers to help during the event itself. We are specifically looking for folks to help out during the registration, Funkhana, Autocross and Concours. We are also looking for a few folks to help with official event photography. If you’d like to volunteer to help during the WCLM please contact me at rahulnair”at”gglotus.org.

Caravans to WCLM
Caravans to WCLM are being organized from both the SF Bay Area and Sacramento. Head over toBritishSpeed or LotusTalk to coordinate with other folks in your area. You can also post your caravan plans at the WCLM Facebook Page.

Stop by Dave Bean Engineering
WCLM sponsor Dave Bean Engineering invites WCLM attendees to visit on their way to, from or during WCLM. They will be maintaining normal weekday hours in San Andreas, CA and are about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the WCLM headquarters, on some nice Lotus driving roads.

Construction on SR 207
SR-207 from Carson Valley to South Lake Tahoe is going to be under construction for the duration of the West Coast Lotus Meet. Cars traveling from Carson Valley to the hotel will need to use US 50 as a detour. Cars coming to the hotel from South Lake Tahoe will negotiate a single lane closure so be prepared for delays of up to 30 minutes. Once you arrive at registration we will give you a pass that will allow you to use SR-207 into Carson Valley.

King Fire
The Placerville area near Lake Tahoe has been fighting the King Fire for about a week. While this should not directly affect WCLM activities, please check for road closures along US-50 while making your travel plans. If there are any changes to the event we will send out email updates to all registered attendees.

Discounted Room Available (update – room is taken)
One of our registered attendees is unable to attend at this time and was wondering if anyone else would like to take over her registration ($69/night) at this time. If you would like to do take it over please contact me at rahulnair”at”gglotus.org.

Those are all the updates we have at this point, click here for the full event schedule. If you havent signed up yet head on over to WestCoastLotusMeet.com to sign up today. I look forward to meeting you all in two weeks.

Rahul Nair
2014 West Coast Lotus Meet

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