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All too frequently the GGLC has been asked by members about the availability of GGLC clothing like, shirts, tees, caps and such. And, our common answer has been that:

  • Ordering in bulk and handling inventory and sizes would be a P-A-I-N. The inventory would never be right, we’d always end up with the wrong sizes and leftover inventory.
  • There was never consensus on what make/carry
  • And all of the other excuses like who would manage all of the above

The answer seemed to be in finding an on-line retailer that could handle custom orders for custom designs and produce the merchandise for individual orders (no inventory). The answer to this was, “yes…but…” Yes, there were such on-line shops, but most had merchandise that did not meet our quality standards. So, we passed and waited. That was until last summer…

Those Chapman Report readers who attended the 2017 West Coast Lotus Meet are likely still enjoying the WCLM Tee-Shirts. We had two designs, one with silhouettes of classic Lotus cars and the other with post 2000 cars. The shirt for the WCLM entrant was of their car’s era with the silhouette of their model highlighted in the color of the car! Each shirt was completely customized just for them!

The success of the shirts got us thinking about expanding upon the combination of unique Lotus and club related designs with the ability to produce items on an as ordered basis and overcome all the objections that prevented the GGLC from making club regalia available in the past.

Thus, the GGLC has partnered with Berm Designs (owned and operated by Jen Dietsch) to offer GGLC wear (shirts, caps & more)!!!

Starting May 1st you will see GGLC items featured on the GGLC’s web site and Facebook and on Berm Designs.

A few important things to remember and disclose

  • The designs and artwork will be unique to the GGLC and created by either submissions or the GGLC/Berm Designs
  • Items and designs are on a limited release. Once the production period ends the item will go on hiatus and may possibly return (buy don’t count on it!)
  • Berm Designs is handling orders and financial transactions. A portion of the price is shared with the GGLC.

The GGLC is VERY EXCITED!!! Our first item is a T-shirt emblazed with the “Windy Lotus Road” (see photos). It’s something fun and relatable for every Lotus enthusiast.

Order today at

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