GGLC 2010 autocross season

Its time to start thinking about the 2010 autocross season! The Golden Gate Lotus Club will be hosting 7 events this year along with 2 schools. The dates are as follows (October TBD):

Saturday, April 10
Saturday, May 1 (Evo AutoX School)
Sunday, May 2 (Evo AutoX School)
Saturday, May 15
Saturday, June 5
Saturday, June 26 (Evo AutoX School)
Sunday, June 27 (Evo AutoX School)
Saturday, July 31
Sunday, Aug 8
Sunday, Sept 19

At least 5 of these dates will be points events for club members, April 10th will be a practice event. Note, a couple of these dates are Sundays.

We are going to change the classing and points system this year to give more drivers an opportunity to win. The idea is to have all drivers compete in one competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and to use a pax-style system to account for car differences and modifications. More info will follow when the details have been decided.

The Evolution autox schools will be held jointly with the BMWCCA club. Phase 1 will be on the first day of the weekend and phase 2 will be on the second day. You must have completed phase 1 before you can take phase 2, so for most drivers (unless you have done phase 1 sometime previously) the option will be to sign up for either the first day or both days. The price will be $275 for a single day or $500 for both days. Registration is due to open on the evo site on Feb 1st. See the Evo School web site for more info. Note, sign-up for these schools will be restricted to just members of either the GGLC or the BMWCCA clubs.

Colm & Alex
GGLC Autocross Event Chairs

Autocross Registration Now Open

For the final event Oct 17th, the paper work is signed and we’ll be trying out a new site. The Centennial parking lot at Great America, in Santa Clara. Where the 49er’s hope to be playing in a few years (and right across the street from their HQ and training faculties).

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Courtesy of our sponsor, Silicon Valley Auto Group, we will have a nice BBQ cooked on site (tri-tip and chicken and garden burger for the veggies) along with all the trimmings, heck we’ll even have chairs and tables so everyone can sit down and enjoy it. Also thanks to SVAG we’ll have the trophies to give out to the season winners. Both Andrew and Jordan will be there. I’ll let Andrew address it the day of but they are planning a unveiling of the Evora shortly.

Registration is now open at:


Larry & Alex
GGLC Event Chair

GGLC Club Members win at SCCA Nationals

Congratulations to GGLC Club Members Shelly Monfort and Ben Martinez for winning their classes at the 2009 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship. Shelly won her 3rd national championship in the Super Stock Ladies class in her Lotus Elise against heavy Corvette opposition while Ben took the D Street Prepared class in his Merkur XR4 Ti. Additionally club member Jesus Villarreal was the runner-up in C Prepared while autocross series regular Elise Sias finished 3rd in the Street Modified Ladies class.

Full results available at here (SSL) and here (D Street Prep). Photos by Norcalturbo

Autocross Registration Open (Aug 30, Sept 19 events)

We are now half way through the Golden Gate Lotus Club, autocross points season. Registration for both the August 30 (Sunday) and September 19 (Saturday) events is now open. Club members only, will be allowed to sign up, for the first week.

For our final event of the season in October, we are looking at a change of venue. Most likely it will be a few weeks before we get everything worked out. The site is where the 49er’s hope to make their new home. The Great America parking lot in, Santa Clara. It’s quite a bit larger then the Marina location with some elevation changes thrown in. Still a TBD…

Larry & Alexander
Event Chair

Health benefits of Autocrossing

At the last GGLC autocross Alex and I decided to try out a little experiment to see how your heart rate changes during the race. We used a Polar S720i to record his heart rate, an iPhone for video and a DL1 data logger to record G-force and speed readings. I used some simple PHP magic to sync the two data files together and used the Chasecam Dashware system to create this finished video.

You can see the speed, heart rate (BPM), longitudinal G (acceleration + braking) and lateral G in the dashboard on the top of the video. His average heart rate was in the low nineties while on the grid and rises to to 101 just before the start of the run. As the run progresses you can see it quickly rise all the way to 145 bpm by the end of the 45 second run. Just as interesting is the way his heart rate falls as soon as the run ends and drops to the low 130s just 10 seconds after the run. So now if anyone asks you why you autocross just say its for the health benefits 😉

Unfortunately the video quality is not as perfect and the heart rate only updates every 5 seconds but all in all it was a successful test of the system. I have already ordered a Polar RS800CX (1 sec resolution) and I plan to run this same setup for the duration of the Lemons race at Buttonwillow next month. So stay tuned for the health benefits of endurance racing 😀

Registration for GGLC Autocross Points event #3

Registration is set to up open first thing tomorrow (June 18) for the July 18th, Saturday points event #3 (of 6) autocross.

The usual drill. Club members only can sign up in the first week, then it opens up to everyone. Limited car count and at least 12 runs for everyone with lunch being brought on site. Coaches available for pretty much every session to help out if needed / wanted.

Running in the points series is not required, you can simply treat this as a excuse to take your car out for a *spin*.

Photos from the May event can be found at:

Tony L:

And a video clip, from a couple of earlier autocrosses:


Larry & Alex
Event Chair

GGLC Autocross Points Event 2 registration is now open

The Golden Gate Lotus Club 2nd Points event of the season is June 27 (Saturday). Registration is now open. Club members only for the first week:

We are counting the best 4 of 6 events. If you are participating in the series, please make sure your vehicle details are up to date.

The standings as of the first event can be found at:


Larry and Alex

Registration for Autocross Points Event now open

Registration for the May 16th (Saturday) GGLC autocross is now open. It is a full points event and registration will be restricted to club members only for the first week. Click the following link to sign up:

We have also added a sign up option for setup (unloading equipment and setting up the course). You will need to be on site and ready to work by 7:15-20. And I will hold a drawing for the setup crew. For the winner, we will open a spot, so they can have double runs (at no extra cost).

Autocross Clinic Registration now open

Registration for the April 26 (Sunday) GGLC autocross is now open. It will be a practice day (50 spots) and clinic (10 spots). Club members only for the first week. Click the following link to sign up:

We have also added a sign up option for setup (unloading equipment and setting up the course). You will need to be on site and ready to work by 7:15-20. And I will hold a drawing for the setup crew. For the winner, we will open a spot, so they can have double runs (at no extra cost).

For those of you who made our March event, times can be found at:

We should have photos up by this weekend. Once done you can find them at:


Larry & Alex