GGLC Thunderhill Track Day (13-July-2010)

Turn 13

Come join the Golden Gate Lotus Club for this open track event at Thunderhill Raceway on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This event is not open to first time track drivers. You must have at least 2 prior track days experience, racing background, or completed a racing driver’s school before you can enter this event. There are a number of track day organizations that are designed for training new drivers. Hooked On Driving is one group that we recommend for beginners to gain experience. There are others as well.

You do not need to own a Lotus to attend this event. We run our events totally non-profit and you will not find a better price for a full day on the track. The price for this event is $150 for GGLC members, and $170 for non-members. Additional drivers sharing a car are $50. You can become a GGLC member for $25.

This event will be divided into 3 different types of groups on track; Novice, Intermediate, Advanced. The Novice and Intermediate sessions will have passing restricted to certain areas. The Intermediate passing rules will be slightly more liberal than the Novice rules. The Advanced sessions are open passing.

Each driver can sign up as either Novice/Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced. Novice/Intermediate drivers will not be allowed in the Advanced sessions. Intermediate/Advanced drivers will not be allowed in the Novice sessions. If you sign up for a particular group and decide at the track that you are not comfortable, ask a GGLC official to switch groups and it will probably be no problem.

You must have a minimum of 2 track days experience to sign up for the Novice/Intermediate sessions. You must have a minimum 15 track days experience to sign up for the Intermediate/Advanced sessions.

This event will be run in the standard counter-clockwise direction WITH THE BYPASS.

Click here to sign up for the event.

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