Peter Cambridge Dies

Peter Cambridge (right)

Peter Cambridge (above right), the designer of the Elite’s interior and other Lotus’ interiors, passed away over the weekend.

Peter was deeply loved by his family and friends.

Peter was part of the small team that were pulled from Ford (England) to work on and design the Type 14 Elite. Even after leaving Lotus he remained active in the Lotus community in the UK.

The Elite is frequently included as one of the iconic and most beautiful cars. The elegance is found both outside and inside. While it is unintentional the dash on the Evora mimics that of the Elite, proving how classic Peter’s design is.

Peter will be missed.

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  1. Peter Cambridge was one of the great guys with talent and his designs made life much more fun, good designs just add to the enjoyment of life. Peter was a great friend and i will really miss him.

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