Registration for Sunday April 7th GGLC autox

Hi everybody, welcome to the GGLC 2019 autox season! 

Our first event, a non-points morning-only practice event will be held on Sunday April 7th. Registration will open at 11am on Sunday March 17th. So don’t forget to register before you go out to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!


You’re likely wondering why the April 7th GGLC Autocross is a half day practice. It’s because the GGLC will be facilitating an autocross wedding in the afternoon! (Might be the first ever autocross wedding.)

Who are the nuptials?  Linda and Gerry. Linda has been with the GGLC for over 10 years driving her silver Elise. The past few years she started sharing the car with Gerry. 

What: Linda and Gerry will be wed on site at the GGLC Autocross

First Dance: Actually, witness their first run as a married couple

Who’s Invited: Any friend of the couple, fellow autocrosser or GGLC member is welcome. Please RSVP by email to

Dress: Dress is what you’d wear to an autocross (Casual)
Gifts: Please no gifts, the nuptials will be delighted to be surrounded by friends and family

12:00 – Morning practice sessions ends
12:15 – Lunch (again please RSVP)
1:15 – Ceremony
1:45 – Cake & Toasts
2:15 – First Run (dance)

NOTE: We need volunteers to help with set-up for the wedding and working the wedding autocross. Please email to volunteer.

GGLC Autocrossing

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