Registration for March 27th GGLC autox will open this Sunday

Hope you all have been working on your cars over the winter break and are ready to start racing again! The GGLC will hold our first autox event of the season at the Cow Palace in Daly City on Sunday March 27th.


The event will open at 8pm on Sunday March 6th:

Online waivers can be signed using SpeedWaiver. It’s best to use your phone as part of the signing process requires taking a photo of yourself:

Passengers, co-drivers, and instructors will be allowed to ride together in the same car as long as both people are vaccinated or both are from the same household. Guests are also welcome as long as they are vaccinated. Please read the event guidelines carefully:

The Cow Palace has been receiving noise complaints, so please note the following restrictions:

• Have a functioning muffled exhaust system
• Run adjustable exhaust systems in the quietest mode.
• Always follow local regulations when driving to and from the event.
• Accelerate slowly from lights. No “showboating” for any reason. Please report any violation to event management.
• Avoid extraneous revving of engines
• No heating brakes and/or tires by accelerating and decelerating off course
• Obey the 15mph paddock speed while on-site

Again, be sure to read the event guidelines. If you fail to adhere to them you will not be permitted to run and you will be asked to leave, forfeiting your entry fees.

Thank you,

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